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Materials of advertising pens

Image result for ballpoint pen comparisonFinding the perfect promotional pen today is no longer too easy. With all the shapes and colors, the choice is really hard. The material plays a big role in the promotional pen. The most common variant is probably the plastic advertising pen. For environmentally conscious advertising, there is the bioplastic, which is based on renewable raw materials.

Bio-ballpoint pens * are very important in the promotional products industry because they convey your interest in a clean and healthy sustainable world. This appearance ensures a strong reputation for sure. The biodegradable materials also include wood and paper.

The wooden pen has long been used as an advertising medium, the paper version is only now finding its beginnings in the advertising industry. The low price also plays a role in the selection of advertising materials, which is ensured with these materials.

For a noble look as an advertising medium, the ballpoint pen is made of metal . Most are made of stainless steel, which makes the price shoot up as a giveaway. But this has the advantage that the ballpoint pen made of metal are more durable. Engraving can also add a personal touch. The material aluminum is also commonly used with its silvery-white appearance, it is a very good alternative to stainless steel.


Image result for pen handThe handling of the advertising pen is an important feature. One would like to use the pen for writing and that’s why it’s important that it fits very well in the hand. Many prefer the narrow pen, others like it big and wide. In the end, everyone has to make the decision themselves.


Here you have again a wide range of possibilities. There are a variety of printing methods for the ideal advertising presentation. Most of the printing technique is the pad printing, here the desired print image is etched with the help of a Klitschee and transferred with tampons made of silicone on the ballpoint pen. Printing a simple logo will print just as accurately. Normally, you can choose the advertising space, but most will still be printed on the shaft and clip.

The advertising pen made of metal is the perfect finish with an engraving. The logo is engraved with a laser and thus ensures a special view. In some cases, even the complete clip can not only be printed on but also completely designed, so that you can put your advertising pen even better in scene.

Pen Product Launch | Information & Offers

Pen product launches

The ballpen …

… is a companion with whom we master everyday work. But not every ballpoint pen suits every situation. There are areas where the pen must offer its scribe a certain added value. For other areas, the pen must represent the company to the outside as a giveaway.

A pen is often very cheap but unfortunately the quality left to be desired. In addition, the selection of pens is simply too large and is simply confusing through the Internet with thousands of offers.

Pen Product Presentation

Remedy is approaching – the pen overview

Exactly this problem is dedicated to this page. Selected pens for office life or school, study, education, are presented here to make your decision easier. New product ideas come regularly.

I have already introduced the following ballpoint pens:

  • Lamy Model 206

  • Lamy Noto * NEW

  • Pelican Classic K200

  • Parker Urban Matt Black

  • Pelican stole I

  • Lamy 401

  • Faber Castell e-Motion

  • Mark Twain ballpoint pen



Buy a ballpoint pen from Schneider – Infos

Schneider ballpoint pen

Where does the Schneider Ballpoint Pen come from?

The Schneider company is a manufacturer of writing instruments. The company is headquartered in Schramberg-Tennenbronn in Germany and currently employs almost 500 people. The writing instruments are produced exclusively in Germany.

What makes Schneider except ballpoint pen?

Schneider also sells fountain pens, highlighters, rollerball pens, other markers and ink cartridges. The range of Schneider is large.

What does a pen look like?

Schneider writing utensils Haptify ballpoint pen, pressure mechanism, M, black, color of the shaft: black

Schneider writing utensils Haptify ballpoint pen, pressure mechanism, M, black, color of the shaft: black

Schneider Slider Rave XB ballpoint pen (line width: XB, documentary mine, Made in Germany) 5-pack, color: blue

Schneider Slider Rave XB ballpoint pen (line width: XB, documentary mine, Made in Germany) 5-pack, color: blue

Schneider Schreibgeräte Ballpoint pen Slider Rave, Druckmechanik, XB, black

Schneider Schreibgeräte Ballpoint pen Slider Rave, Druckmechanik, XB, black


Schneider 20 x Ballpen K 20 Icy Colors sorted

Schneider 20 x Ballpen K 20 Icy Colors sorted

Schneider Slider Rave XB 4er Maxi Set

Schneider Slider Rave XB 4er Maxi Set

The Cross Star Wars ballpoint pen series – Product presentations

The Cross Star Wars
Ballpoint pen row

Image result for starwars

Today I’d like to introduce you to a range of Star Wars pens. For me, this series is something very special. And especially interesting for Star Wars fans! The company Cross manufactures this series. All the pens of which have an extremely good quality. Some pens that I imagine here are also limited. So with a little luck, these are really worth something in a couple of years. But let’s start!

Cross Star Wars pen

A pen made especially for the Star Wars Edition. The body was painted in white with wide details of alegóricos of iconic character. The BB emblem is incorporated here directly in the clip on the bracket. The pen also comes in a case with window in black / silver. On the case the Star Wars logo is incorporated.


Cross Star Wars – Ballpoint Pen, White

Cross Star Wars – Kugelschreiber, Weiß Cross Star Wars – Ballpoint Pen, White Price EUR 33,08


Cross Star Wars R2-D2 Edition

Cross Star Wars – Kugelschreiber, Chrom und Weiß The R2-D2 ballpoint pen comes in the color chrome / white. Again, the R2D2 emblem is attached to the clip. At the ballpoint pen housing is written from bottom to top R2-D2, also R2-D2 is small printed on the housing on it. Again, the pen comes in a black / silver case.

Cross Star Wars – pen, chrome and white

Cross Star Wars – pen, chrome and white Price EUR 33,08


Cross Star Wars C-3PO

A. T. Cross Rollerball Click Star Wars Edition C-3PO For me personally a cool pen. The company Cross has also released a pen for C-3PO. He comes as expected in the color gold. His head is shown on the clip. The case is C-3PO. Especially in the color gold, it stands out from the other Star Wars pens strongly. For me personally, the C-3PO is in the movies as well as one of the coolest.

AT Cross Rollerball Click Star Wars Edition C-3PO

AT Cross Rollerball Click Star Wars Edition C-3PO Price EUR 23.63


Star Wars notebook plus ballpoint pen

Cross AT0625SD-24 Rollerball Click Star Wars R2 D2 und Death Star Journal Geschenkset Schreibgerät und NotizbuchThe right thing for people who still want to record their notes in a Star Wars book. The notebook is very high quality and comes with the R2-D2 pen to you. The notebook has a total of 160 pages that you can describe. The lines are finely lined. The R2-D2 ballpoint pen, which is included in the delivery, you can take with you directly in the notebook. All this is in an elegant case with window and a sash cover which is decorated with the image of R2-D2.

Cross AT0625SD-24 Rollerball Click Star Wars R2 D2 and Death Star Journal Gift Set Writing Instrument and Notebook

Cross AT0625SD-24 Rollerball Click Star Wars R2 D2 and Death Star Journal Gift Set Writing Instrument and Notebook Price EUR 57.39

Limited R2-D2 Edition

Cross Star Wars – Kugelschreiber mit gel-Tinte, SchwarzHere I would like to introduce you to a limited edition of the R2-D2. This edition of the R2-D2 pen is packed with detailed details. So here was a paint finish applied that goes over the entire pen. At the top of the cap you can see the number of produced pieces. This limited edition comes in a cross gift box to you. This includes a striking Pregnante ornamental figure. There is also a libretto of the character, as well as a map of authenticity. Also included is a base plate for an exhibition. So a thick package what you get there.

Cross Star Wars – Ballpoint pen with gel ink, black

Cross Star Wars – Ballpoint pen with gel ink, black Price EUR 375,00


Kredit2Go – Lending in minutes

Image result for kredit2go

Kredit2Go shortens duration from application to payout from days to minutes.

From the application to the payment of a loan, it takes so far several days. According to a recent Forsa survey, this is too long for every second installment borrower (48%). The interest in instant loans is correspondingly high (72%). In the race for customers, many banks are working on a new standard for accelerated lending.

In cooperation with Fidor Bank, smava has now achieved a breakthrough: With Kredit2Go they offer the first fully automatic instant loan in Germany. Borrowers will know in real time if they receive the loan offer and will receive the money immediately. The result: the time from application to payment is reduced from days to minutes.


Kredit2Go solves major customer problems in lending

Time and capacity bottlenecks at banks, the mailing of documents as well as the manual check and payment cause delays so far. Whether the desired loan is granted at all, credit customers learn only after days. Until the money is paid, more days go into the country. For borrowers, this means first and foremost: they are limited in their ability to act.

These delays and the resulting limitations have now been eliminated by smava and Fidor Bank. Through the digitized and fully automatic form of lending, borrowers receive a binding credit decision during processing, ie in real time, and receive the money immediately and fully automatically in the event of a commitment. For the first time, credit customers are now in the position to plan required purchases safely and to make them immediately.


The customer moves further into the center

“Online services like Amazon Prime and Amazon Now have got customers accustomed to receiving goods and services as quickly as possible. From this, a general claim has developed. This is now being fulfilled for the first time in the credit sector with Kredit2Go, “says Alexander Artopé, Managing Director and co-founder of smava. “Bank customers are accelerating and accelerating the digitization of banking through their usage behavior,” adds Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor Bank. Already 20 percent use their smartphone for banking transactions. “With Kredit2Go, manual loan processing is being replaced by a fully automatic one for the benefit of the customer,” continues Kröner. “So far, only the introduction of ATMs and online banking has been equally fundamental and significant. The customer can look forward to it. He continues to be the focus of attention, “summarizes Artopé.


How does the Credit2Go work?

Image result for how?

The application, processing and payment of the Kredit2Go are digital and fully automatic.


Digital credit and identity verification

Once the customer has opted for Kredit2Go, a digital, fully automatic and encrypted credit check will take place. In a video call with a loan officer, the borrower identifies himself using his identity card or passport. This eliminates the need to gather and send documents as well as the way to the post office and bank.


Digital signature

The loan agreement is sent to the applicant by e-mail. He signs these, as in online banking, using a transaction number (TAN), which he gets sent to his mobile phone.


Instant Payout

After the digital signature, the loan amount is paid out fully automatically. This way, the customer can immediately dispose of the money.