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Loan calculator & loan comparison to find cheap loans

Loan calculator & loan comparison to find cheap loans

An enterprise helps you find cheap online loans. From corporate loans, car loan calculator to vacation loans. Get an instant payout quickly and easily with the premium list, cheap, fast & easy to borrow money.

No matter which urgent acquisition is in the house in the short or long term. We find a cheap online loan for every case. Whether it is a small loan or a long-term personal loan.

Our fast credit comparison

As a borrower, you have the option to choose directly online a personal loan or an instant loan. Of course, a loan from private individuals is also available. Freelancers and tradespeople also find cheap foreign loans at Rieder Enterprises.

Compare with our loan calculator the current loan market and the underlying loan rates. Decide which financing and which loan is best for you.

With our loan calculator, you can quickly compare cheap loans. No matter if it is a car financing, an installment loan or a credit line.

An online comparison makes it possible to compare loan offers from banks. We also offer our free premium list, which additionally includes selected private lenders. Below you will also find a suitable express loan without Credit Bureau.

Online banks, commercial credit institutions and private lenders offer comprehensive options for applying for a wide variety of loan types. Even cheap foreign loans with a particularly good annual percentage rate helps you to save cash. Compare lightning fast the best conditions – apply today for a mini loan.

Credit without salary

Credit without salary

An instant loan without proof of income is also possible. A loan is requested directly online from a selected lender. Most offers are non-guarantor loans. In this case, a co-applicant can be agreed.

We are happy to help you find a cheap international loan by phone. We are also trying to find suitable private financiers for you which also offer a loan without Credit Bureau in case of unemployment.

Please remember, even loans for the unemployed are subject to certain basic conditions. We will gladly help you to fulfill all the necessary points to be able to apply for an instant loan for the unemployed.

If you need help improving your creditworthiness, we can help you with a personal financial check. We are happy to support you completely free of charge in compiling all the necessary documents that are required for an online loan. You can contact us for free if you need help with an unemployed loan!

Credit Austria

We do not just help to find interest-free loans in Germany. Also loans from Switzerland and loans from Austria are in our offer. Of course, we also help you to find suitable financial backers with moderate credit rating to increase your chances of a positive credit decision significantly.

Your financial affairs are our top priority. We help you with your loan request for free and without any initial costs. No matter what purpose it is, we process your requests confidentially.

All online activities are carried out with a secure SSL connection – even if you want to apply for microcredit.

If you want to apply for credit online then you are in the right place at Rieder Enterprises. We always try to quickly and easily compare our best, cheap foreign loans.

24 hours credit

 Compare and apply for credit online

We work together with renowned German and Austrian credit banks and count as the No. 1 in instant loans. We have several credit calculators and our premium list offers a wide selection of different direct banks and private credit providers.

The loan offer is constantly updated. We always try our best to list versatile offers electronically, so that you can take unbureaucratic loans on the Internet.

Applying for loans online is becoming increasingly important. Financing online is often easier and faster than borrowing from a traditional bank. For this reason, more and more people prefer to apply for a quick credit online.

Credit despite Credit Bureau

Our goal is to help the borrower get a cheap foreign credit and have a positive experience with your financing. The non-fictitious credit card is also becoming increasingly important. However, there are always additional costs to check.

With our premium list, it is possible to find loans on the Internet, which one could not possibly offer off-line with a single branch bank. In addition, you will also find debt-free loans that are not offered by conventional commercial banks.

More and more people are choosing a fast and uncomplicated online loan, where borrowing can be done conveniently from home via the computer. Trust in online credit is on the rise and we are proud to be instrumental in making our contribution.

Being able to compare credits is important to be able to make a suitable loan application – and also for the right decision-making.

Credit with negative Credit Bureau

Through the ongoing updating of credit providers, it is possible to choose from a variety of different types of credit. And with that you can get one’s chances of getting one of the cheapest loans.

In addition to our premium list, you will find a installment loan calculator where you can compare all the cheap loans. A lengthy loan search can be prevented. Any financial situation can help.

Not all loan offers are appropriate. And that’s why it’s important to know basic credit requirements to avoid a general rejection at a credit bank.

Our goal is that you get a suitable and cheap credit. Whether it is a car loan comparison, a loan for retirees or a loan without Credit Bureau.

We try to help facilitate a simple and quick application for a loan. Each bank has different requirements for a loan.

Which credit requirements exist in Germany?

Requirements for a loan in Germany:

  1. Residence in Germany
  2. Account in Germany
  3. Sufficient creditworthiness
  4. Regular income

Requirements for a loan in Austria:

  1. Residence in Austria
  2. Account in Austria
  3. Sufficient creditworthiness
  4. Regular income

The creditworthiness (also better known as credit rating) is measured by so-called information services by the credit score.

Information agency in Germany:

  • Credit Bureau
  • Creditreform Boniversum
  • Crifbürgel
  • arvato

Information in Austria:

  • KSV

These companies work with lenders. Loans, outstanding debts, debts, enforcement orders or even accounts garnishments are recorded in the database.

Credit for negative Credit Bureau

A loan with a high loan amount makes sense only if it can also be covered by the corresponding income situation. The creditworthiness and the resulting credit score can therefore be used to determine an economically meaningful income-expenditure ratio.

To have a high income alone is no guarantee for getting a good and high Credit Bureau score. Thus, for example. Existing monthly charges (eg installment payments on a loan due) burden the expenditure side so much that there are no further financial means to service repayments for another personal loan.

Another point that plays a role in the assessment of your credit rating is your historical payment behavior. If your invoices have been paid on time and in full, this also increases your credit score.

We always advise you to do a free Credit Bureau self-assessment. And even before applying for an online loan.

It is always advisable to compare different loan offers on your terms. We provide our free financial calculator. This will give you an overview of all current loan offers.

The repayment term can be customized to see which banks offer very low interest rates for your loan.

How to apply for a cheap loan directly online?

How to apply for a cheap loan directly online?

Through our loan calculator you have the opportunity to choose a cheap offer. With this you can immediately and directly submit an online application.

Do you have any further questions during the selection, then we help you also by phone completely free of charge in the search for a favorable foreign credit.

The interest rates and their purpose

The indication of your purpose is decisive for the interest on the loan. If a financing object can be collateralised for a certain purpose, then this object serves as collateral for the bank.

In order to get low interest rates on an online loan, it is advisable to specify a purpose, if you know this.

Ie. With an appropriate selection of your intended use, you will improve your chances of securing cheaper interest rates. The probability of receiving a positive credit notification is also increased.

Free use

Select a “Free Use”, then it will not specify for what purpose you need the loan. The financing sum can thus be used both for a repair of a washing machine, as well as for a vacation trip.

Best debt rescheduling loans

Through a transfer or a so-called rescheduling is trying to replace an existing loan with a better and cheaper credit. E.g. This can be a somewhat expensive MRP loan.

With moderate credit, it is quite a bonus that a new loan with better terms is used to pay off an old loan. In the end, debt repayment and thus the monthly financial burden are reduced.

Automotive financing / motorcycle financing

If you want to finance a car banks can offer particularly cheap loans. The vehicle can be deposited as collateral with the lender. The same applies to the financing of a motorcycle.

A loan to live

The house does not have to be used as a property as collateral for the bank. The loan interest rate for condominiums or even a home is usually lower than an installment loan without a purpose. This is due to the fact that the money taken up is also used to increase the value of the property.

Loan for self-employed and freelancers

Loan for self-employed and freelancers

We also help with a loan for the self-employed. In this case, corporations are to be distinguished from partnerships. Rieder Enterprises helps to find loan offers for every business form. Commercial loans as well as loans for startups and freelancers.

An online loan can be requested quickly and easily from home. As long as no contract has been signed, there will be no legally valid conclusion of the contract.

In addition to the intended use, you also have to give your details about the term and your loan amount. To get low interest rates, you should specify a suitable purpose.

In addition, you must also select a repayment term and the amount of your desired loan amount. Our credit comparison calculator also allows you to change both the term and your desired amount.

You have the opportunity to choose a cheap loan.

Co-applicant – second borrower increases the probability of acceptance

You also have the option to register a co-applicant as the second borrower. This is a positive feature for the acceptance and approval of your loan application.

This is always appropriate if you have concerns about your credit score or fear that the loan amount is too high for you alone.

With a co-applicant, the probability of acceptance is significantly increased. The second borrower has another income. And this additional source of income thus increases the creditworthiness.

If a second borrower is called in, there is no doubt that there is a better chance that the loan will be approved.

However, a co-applicant (second borrower) is not a guarantor. A guarantor assumes the responsibility that in the event of a loan default (the borrower is unable to pay the monthly installments – insolvency) will take over and accept the payments requested by the bank.

If a co-applicant is specified, then both persons must meet the necessary credit requirements. If so, the loan request can be considered creditworthy.

Verification of your personal information

The so-called PostIdent procedure allows you to present your ID documents at every post office. Together with the loan application and all other required documents you can confirm your identity.

Certain online banks also allow identification using a video-ident method. In doing so, a video internet connection is established with the lender, with which the bank has the possibility to verify your identity.

Subsequently, the loan application is processed immediately. Thereafter, the credit is approved with the subsequent payout to your specified bank account.

With an express loan, if you have a positive loan commitment, you can have the money in your account in 24 hours.

Details of the loan application

When specifying your personal information, it is important to check that it is complete and correct. We use a verified SSL internet connection to ensure secure data transmission.

For the mere credit comparison of different loans no detailed information is necessary. However, if you make a selection of a specific loan offer, you will be required to provide additional information. Only with this it is possible that you can receive from the financial institution an on-line loan on best conditions and with low interest rates.

Which loans are tax deductible?

Interest, as a cost of money, can be taken into account only under certain conditions for tax purposes. With redemption payments, however, it is not possible: Since they were not taxed on receipt of the loan (no income), they can not be considered as an issue also in the repayment.

In general, every homeowner who rents his property or uses his own business, for example as a self-employed person, can deduct the interest on a loan for financing or modernization. The lending rates in this case increase the advertising costs and / or the business expenses.

Which loans are taken into account for child support?

The following loans are taken into account for the calculation of child support.

  1. loan interest
  2. car loan

It is largely irrelevant for the other types of maintenance, for which the loan was taken, unless it is in gross disproportion to their previous lifestyle (BGH, judgment of 9 January 2002 – XII ZR 34/00).

The financing of a new car can usually be deducted. Not only do you save upkeep, you also have a new car.

When calculating the “net creditable amount”, running costs – such as loan repayments – may be deducted from the net salary. The interest rates on loans are generally deductible because they are regularly compulsory burdens that the debtor can not evade.