Credit without interest

So you get fast & cheap interest-free credit

So you get fast & cheap interest-free credit

Is there a loan without interest? Is it actually possible to borrow money and not have to pay interest? Is an interest-free loan possible for everyone? And if so, how and where can I get a fast interest free loan?

After some research, I have managed to find loan providers who can actually lend a loan without interest. Who would have thought that? An interest-free loan with no additional charges or fees.

I always try to find cheap loans. And I always try to keep a loan comparison up to date. And even if you only get a small loan without interest, then you should also know exactly how to actually get it!

With the large number of credit providers, I noticed that increasingly so-called interest-free loans are being offered. After I searched for it on the Internet, popped up a classified ad. A so-called 0% loan (zero-percent loan) was promised in this online advertising.

Well, I realized that the money lending business is increasingly fought over by banks, financial institutions and private lenders.

And I immediately noticed advertising for an interest-free loan of € 1000 with a term of 36 months, when I was looking for a cheap loan. Searched, found. So I went to look at this interest-free loan under the microscope.

After I always try to find the best and cheapest loans made me this offer very suspicious. I wanted to know immediately under what conditions and under which term these interest-free loans were offered. And how much money could I lend to it, so how much can I choose my loan amount?

Serious interest-free loans

Serious interest-free loans

In addition, I wanted to know whether the zero-percent funding promised in the advertising actually held what the loan offer promised.

Up to this point, I knew about so-called free financing from electronics retailers and car dealers. Especially car sellers try to increase their sales. And it helps enormously in the sales process for the customer to offer a car loan without interest.

I mean that’s very clear. It’s a great tool for the car dealer. Because if an interest-free car loan is offered, then he also increases his sales opportunities.

Or another example. Certain furniture stores are increasingly offering a lightning loan with the immediate purchase of a commodity.

I have already reported earlier. In addition, I would also like to state that consumer advocates call for direct credit to be careful. It may well be possible to set the costs or fees hidden in the terms of the loan, which could not be recognized immediately upon conclusion of the contract.

Borrow without interest

Borrow without interest

And last but not least, private money lenders, who directly offer a real personal loan without interest, are also increasingly appearing.

However, one has to say that in the additional products of such instant loans, it is usually the cost of a residual debt insurance. The lender wants to hedge the loan for the risk.

But I would also like to mention that it is advisable in many ways and also serves as a protection for the borrower to have a default insurance in case of unemployment.

This means that when a so-called residual debt insurance is taken out, this insurance cover serves both the borrower and the lender.

It is also important to be able to ensure that in the case of unemployment you can also raise the financial resources to pay your monthly installment and balance of the loan.

Credit 1000 euros without interest

Credit 1000 euros without interest

An interest-free loan is also offered in many cases with an additional product such as a credit card without credit bureau. Again, it is important that you pay attention to the fine print before the conclusion of an instant loan.

Of course, for us as consumers, it is very convenient and convenient to conclude such an instant loan directly when purchasing a product. Why should I as a customer in this case resort to a installment loan from a bank?

So you see, if you are offered a 1000 Euro loan without interest directly at the dealer, then it is already damn difficult to reject such an offer.

Still there when you are held at the quick credit of the dealer even a interest-free credit under the nose.

Anyway, now I wanted to know more about it and take a closer look at what loan offers are actually on the market and how to get a loan without interest and hidden charges and additional costs.

Take credit without interest | and how you can find the right loans online

Take credit without interest | and how you can find the right loans online

Furthermore, I wanted to know whether the interest-free loan was offered only for a specific purpose, or whether it was also possible to obtain a loan without interest without having to specify any purpose.

After all, it is also important to me to borrow the money for every possible purpose while remaining as flexible as possible.

In addition, I wanted to clarify whether a zero-percent loan would be awarded exclusively for financial special cases. Or whether, irrespective of my credit rating and many other credit conditions, I could borrow without interest.

It was also clear to me that, of course, nothing could be better and that an interest-free loan without charges and without further fees would beat the installment loan and credit line of my bank by far. Because if I could borrow money without paying interest, then it would be almost as if I could see the money for the time being as a free financing.

Credit without interest | donated money or just all lies and deception?

Credit without interest | donated money or just all lies and deception?

It is clear that you have to pay interest on all credit transactions and especially if you borrow money from the bank. The level of lending rates and the specific terms of the loans differ between financial institutions and banks as well as private lenders.

The interest rate market is influenced by the key interest rate of the EurCen Bank. The interest rate, which is regulated by the central bank, serves as an indicator for the development of interest rates.

The funny thing about this story is the fact that banks can and do lend money to each other as well.

If the key interest rate of the EurCen Bank is very low, this results in the situation that the procurement of funds by banks and credit institutions themselves is very favorable. Although this results in a general increase in debt, however, the reduction of the base rate will have an effect on your favor if you want to lend money to you.

The EurCen Bank is trying to boost the economy with low interest rates in the hope that people (borrowers) will spend more money.

You can learn more about this from finance. And here is an interesting contribution of Tagesschau, which reports that the EC had lowered the key rate to zero percent.

Credit without interest for students

Credit without interest for students

Credit for students without interest

What is very interesting is the fact that interest-free loans are offered independently of risk groups. That means no matter if you are a housewife or if you want to take out a loan as an apprentice. Everyone can apply for an online loan without interest, no matter which group of people you belong to.

Oh yes. But now back to the EC’s low interest rates and why they help you. Low interest rates now also mean that you can take advantage of this benefit by taking out an interest-free loan. This also leads to the situation that increasingly more and more borrowers can actually lend the money for free!

That is, as long as the EC’s key interest rate is kept low you have the opportunity to get cheap loans. It is also clear that loans with no interest guaranteed will not be offered forever on the market.

But it is important for you to always keep an eye on how the EC’s key interest rate behaves and how this indicator directly affects the interest rate market.

Do you have eg. If you have an ongoing high interest rate loan that you have completed over a period of years, it may be a good idea to discuss your financing with your credit advisor or financial advisor in a low interest rate phase.

A refinancing would be a way to save money in this case.

Nevertheless, it is important, even in the case of a rescheduling, to keep an eye on the costs of this financing in order to avoid any financial disadvantage at the end of these changes.

Interest-free credit card

Interest-free credit card

Furthermore, I try to find offers for interest-free credit cards. I like to keep you up to date. Just drop your email into my update list and as soon as I find out more about it, I’ll send you the info to your email, how you can get an interest-free credit card.

Please be patient, research and compare all loans is quite time consuming.

Interest-free personal loan

Interest-free personal loan

It is also interesting to see if there are private lenders who are also able to lend you an interest-free loan. It is also important to understand how commercial money lenders make money from it.

I think that will try to increase or extend the loan amount subsequently.

For the absolute private sector, it is probably very common and customary to lend a loan interest-free. E.g. among friends or family members.

Here an interest-free personal loan for financial emergencies may well be the best and simplest home remedy to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck.

Is it possible to get an interest-free loan from the state?

Is it possible to get an interest-free loan from the state?

In exceptional cases, there are also interest-free loans from the state. I still remember when we had a natural disaster in my hometown many years ago (flood and flooding). Since it was possible to repair the damage caused to get a loan from the city without interest!

But as you can see in this example, an interest-free loan is offered by the state only in very specific emergencies. This is certainly not a common or usual situation. So notice: An interest-free loan from the state is invariably offered only in times of crisis.

Interest-free loan Private & special cases

Interest-free loan Private & special cases

Or another exceptional case is bes. with a total over-indebtedness and a private bankruptcy. When the money problems have become so great that you slip into personal bankruptcy and you need the professional help of a debt counseling service.

Or if you bes. for the creation of a housing a home loan need. Then there are also subsidies for certain federal states. Austria offers an example of this. An interest-free loan from the Chamber of Labor in Carinthia. There is offered as an interest-free housing loan to 6000 euros.

As you can see, however, such an interest-free loan is tied to its purpose. In addition, special conditions are necessary you have to take into account to lend you money! And in this case, an interest-free loan for families is something special.

Not every state has such a thing to offer and Germany does not seem to offer anything in terms of interest-free development loans.

But here too I will try to do more research. Let’s see what else I will find.

But as I said, these exceptions are bound to very specific situations. And because these situations are so special, such circumstances have little to do with a standard installment loan.

Also, the loan amounts are completely different. So you can apply for a 1000 Euro credit interest-free, but it is impossible bes. to get a longer term loan for a real estate financing. If you ever get such an offer, then please let me know immediately!

Interest-free personal loan model contract

Interest-free personal loan model contract

Download Loan Agreement Private Interest-free

If you plan to lend money to friends, family or relatives, I advise you to create a loan agreement for this project.

Especially if it concerns persons who are close to you, you should sign a money lending contract for the self-protection and the protection of the friendship.

So that you do not even have to look for it, you can download a sample contract here. Download sample Private loan agreement Interest-free

So you get a 1000 Euro credit interest-free

After doing all my credit comparisons, I actually found two reputable providers. These offers kept what they promised.

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