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Materials of advertising pens

Image result for ballpoint pen comparisonFinding the perfect promotional pen today is no longer too easy. With all the shapes and colors, the choice is really hard. The material plays a big role in the promotional pen. The most common variant is probably the plastic advertising pen. For environmentally conscious advertising, there is the bioplastic, which is based on renewable raw materials.

Bio-ballpoint pens * are very important in the promotional products industry because they convey your interest in a clean and healthy sustainable world. This appearance ensures a strong reputation for sure. The biodegradable materials also include wood and paper.

The wooden pen has long been used as an advertising medium, the paper version is only now finding its beginnings in the advertising industry. The low price also plays a role in the selection of advertising materials, which is ensured with these materials.

For a noble look as an advertising medium, the ballpoint pen is made of metal . Most are made of stainless steel, which makes the price shoot up as a giveaway. But this has the advantage that the ballpoint pen made of metal are more durable. Engraving can also add a personal touch. The material aluminum is also commonly used with its silvery-white appearance, it is a very good alternative to stainless steel.


Image result for pen handThe handling of the advertising pen is an important feature. One would like to use the pen for writing and that’s why it’s important that it fits very well in the hand. Many prefer the narrow pen, others like it big and wide. In the end, everyone has to make the decision themselves.


Here you have again a wide range of possibilities. There are a variety of printing methods for the ideal advertising presentation. Most of the printing technique is the pad printing, here the desired print image is etched with the help of a Klitschee and transferred with tampons made of silicone on the ballpoint pen. Printing a simple logo will print just as accurately. Normally, you can choose the advertising space, but most will still be printed on the shaft and clip.

The advertising pen made of metal is the perfect finish with an engraving. The logo is engraved with a laser and thus ensures a special view. In some cases, even the complete clip can not only be printed on but also completely designed, so that you can put your advertising pen even better in scene.