Mark Twain Columbia – Ballpoint Pen Product presentation

Mark Twain Columbia

The Mark Twain Columbia ballpoint pen is for people with a high quality standard, but should still be inexpensive. With its carbon design, it is an absolute eye-catcher, which can even be engraved if desired. The Columbia ballpoint pen comes with a coordinated case design to your home. The blue large refill gently rolls off and forms a beautiful writing on the sheet. Even with this pen is despite its high weight longer writing possible without the hand cramps or falls asleep. If you want to make someone happy, the Columbia with the personalized engraving is a great gift!


very noble design

great gift idea

noble case included


with personal engraving


relatively heavy

Mark Twain ® Drehkugelschreiber "Columbia" mit gewünschter Namensgravur / KarbondesignMark Twain ® ballpoint pen “Columbia” with desired name engraving / carbon design

Mark Twain ® ballpoint pen “Columbia” with desired name engraving / carbon design Price EUR 29,90




Personal conclusion

My personal conclusion to the Mark Twain Columbia pen is fine. Due to its beautiful carbon look, he is really in the office an absolute eye-catcher. Due to the possibility to leave an engraving he is also a great gift idea. For the price you get a very nice noble pen of his money is worth.