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A pen with camera function?

Image result for camera penOnly a toy or useful?

We know it from many James Bond or spy filming. A ballpoint pen with camera function with which you can take unobserved photos and videos. Of course, these cute detective gadgets can also be bought privately, so anyone can become a hobby detective. Like everywhere else there is a lot of stuff among the spy pens mentioned here which is hardly to use.

If you read through the customer reviews, as an example from Amazon * , the opinions are already very different. In most cases you read about poor picture quality and bad sound. Most of the processing is also very bad and the operation leaves much to be desired. But of course there are synonymous spy pens, which have a decent quality and also record the videos in 1080p. Here, however, is to be expected with a higher price, which sometimes like to go directly into the three-digit range.

For less than 50 euros * but you get a ballpoint pen with camera that can make useful video recordings.