The Lamy 401 – Ballpoint pen Product presentation

The Lamy 401

The Lamy 401 is a four-color ballpoint pen. The black fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate used here lends the Lamy a modern-looking industrial feel without any hints. The processing is as usual at Lamy very high quality. The weight is very low despite the four mines, which comes in response to prolonged writing. The mines in the Lamy 401 are soft and full, which allows a clean writing behavior. By raising the desired color and pressing the push button, the color is changed quickly. This has the advantage that no 4 slides that are otherwise seen on cheap products, deface the pen. According to some customers who have bought this pen and after prolonged use had the first damage recorded by Lamy customer service repaired without further problems! And without additional costs.


  • Noble design
  • High quality processed
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • lightweight
  • soft writing style
  • all 4 mines write very precisely


  • Choice of color a bit awkward


LAMY 401 model 2000 M401 4-color pen black / blue / red / green

LAMY 401 Modell 2000 M401 4-Farbschreiber schwarz/blau/rot/grünLAMY 401 model 2000 M401 4-color pen black / blue / red / green Price EUR 49.99





Personal conclusion

My personal conclusion to the Lamy 401 is very positive. Its noble design makes it suitable for everyone! A nice bonus is that it comes with a small box to a home, which adds a little more value to the pen. Especially for people studying the pen is a great buy recommendation, since there are four colors in a pen. All four colors are gentle and do not scratch the paper. You also have the option to order the pen with replacement refills directly. As mentioned above, the customer service must be very accommodating what you unfortunately do not expect so often today. For me, the Lamy 401 is a clear buy recommendation!