What pen types are there? – Presentation of each species

Pen types

Whether writing personal letters, noting appointments or notes, completing the lottery numbers, or as a small all-rounder in the profession, the pen is everywhere. Here I would like to introduce you to all types of pens so that you will find the right pens!

Kugelschreiber Arten

But a pen is more than just a writing instrument!

But what kind of pen is right for me? Take a look at the species that are available here:

  • Ballpoint pen without mine confirmation

  • ballpoint pen

  • Drehkugelschreiber

  • The 4 color ballpoint pen

  • Ballpoint pen with pencil

  • Leather ballpoint pen

  • Mini Pens

  • Ballpoint pen with USB

  • Ballpoint pen with mp3 player

  • LED ballpoint pen